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IT strategy

The main objectives of the strategic IT consultancy of the company IT4Business:

1. 1. Development of IT strategy is a defining the vector of development of IT infrastructure in line with the company’s business strategy;

2. Development of a plan for implementing the necessary changes for the IT strategy implementation

Our services in the field of IT consulting services include:

1. 1. Audit of IT infrastructure:

- Identification of the risks associated with potential failures and loss of data;

- Development of recommendations to eliminate the risks and increase fault tolerance of IT infrastructure;

- Identify inconsistencies of hardware and software configuration of IT infrastructure to the needs of the business;

- Check the scalability of IT infrastructure in accordance with the growth of the company.

2. 2. Development of IT strategy of the company:

Planning the development of IT infrastructure.

3. 3. Audit of IT processes:

Identification of the existing risks in the organizational model of IT services